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Putting hardwood floors in place is complex. To fit the planks straight and smooth, specialized methods must be used. In the event that the planks are harmed or bend, it additionally requires expertise to fix them. Although installing laminate and vinyl floors can be less demanding, precise counting and planning is still required.

Common Problems:

  1. Wear and Tear: Over time, floors can show signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, scuffs, or staining.
  1. Uneven Floors: An uneven floor can be a serious issue, causing instability and potential tripping hazards.
  2. Cracks and Chips: These can occur in tile or concrete floors due to heavy impact or poor installation.
  3. Water Damage: This can lead to discoloration, warping, or even mold growth.
  4. Squeaky or Creaky Floors: These issues are often due to loose floorboards or a shifting foundation.
  5. Fading: Over time, exposure to sunlight can cause the color of your flooring to fade.
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 We offer a range of services including hardwood floor installation, floor repair, and much more. Our local contractors of hardwood floor specialists ensures your flooring needs are met to the highest standards, be it laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. Our services include:

  1. Hardwood Floor Installation: Install new hardwood floors, which add value and beauty to any home.
  2. Laminate Flooring Installation: A budget-friendly alternative to hardwood, laminate flooring is easy to maintain and durable.
  3. Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation: For those looking for the aesthetic of hardwood at a lower cost, luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent option.
  4. Tile Flooring Installation: Install tile flooring, which is ideal for areas exposed to water such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  5. Floor Repair Services: If your existing floor is damaged, our contractors can repair or replace sections as required.
  6. Floor Sanding and Refinishing: This service is offered to restore the shine of hardwood floors that have become dull and scratched over time.
  7. Carpet Installation: We also offer carpet installation for those desiring a soft, comfortable feel underfoot.
  8. Epoxy Flooring: Ideal for garages and basements, epoxy flooring offers a high-resistance surface that can withstand heavy use and spills.
  9. Custom Flooring Solutions: Finally, we also provide custom flooring solutions that fit their specific needs and preferences.
" My ceiling was leaking and I didn't know what to do. Found Tacoma Handyman, and Adam fixed it in 35 minutes. He was on time, communicative, and nice. "
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